This is a selection of Testimonials awarded by previous employers, business partners and clients:

Director of IT-CST Design & Web, Auckland/New Zealand Jan.2007 - until now

Since 2007 I have provided services as a self employed IT Consultant & Service Technician and soon after shifted to work fully as a Photographer, Multimedia Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Developer and completed various projects since then.

I am contiuously expanding my knowledge in these areas and am specialised in the Content Management System platforms of Joomla and WordPress.

The following testimonials were awarded:
"I am very happy and satisfied with the designing of my website: by Dieter Riedel.  Whosoever has seen it has appreciated his professional approach and the eye for the details. It has also an intuitive touch which is equally important. I am thankful to Dieter Riedel for his exceptionally good work and wish him all success." Swami Dyan Pradeep Gupta, Director – SURSANGAM – OSHO School of Indian music, in Cologne, Germany


"I am very happy by the web development and design services provided by Dieter from IT-CST for my website. He understood my requirements and explained to me in simple layman terms what was all required from me. I really appreciate his professionalism, open communication and transparency in all his dealings with me. After the Website launch whenever I requested new updates, they were done promptly. He often goes out of his way to get things done. Everyone who has seen my website is very impressed. I highly recommend IT-CST. Thank you so much Dieter for your great work." Manasi Gupta, Director – Ayurveda Mandala, in North Shore City, New Zealand


"We found Dieter Riedel from IT-CST easy to work with. He was listening what we wanted and if there was a problem - he found solutions to make us happy. During the whole time of creating the website he was keeping us informed and delivered exactly what we wanted. We know we had the best man looking after us and we couldn't be more pleased. Thank you!" Jurgen Resch, Director – SGH Travel NZ Ltd., in Orewa, New Zealand


"... Apart from everyday builds and repairs Dieter utilised his skills in web design while working for us, which enabled The Island's Computer Guy to successfully branch out into this field." Thomas Greve, Director – The Island's Computer Guy, in Waiheke, Auckland, New Zealand


Infineon Technologies plc, Munich/Germany Feb.2005 - March 2006

Employed as a Knowledge Flow Manager my responsibilities were collecting, storing and providing confidential information to selected technologists. This included setting up new Lotus Notes Domino.Doc databases, customizing them and giving support and training to the technologists. Therefore I had to enhance the existing Intranet Knowledge portal as an information and training base, where I used only Notepad for the HTML and CSS coding.

Infineon Technologies plc is the biggest Logic and Memory Chip producer in Europe.

The following testimonial was awarded:
"... Mr. Riedel possesses very good specialised knowledge. He has very good comprehension abilities and can quickly and assuredly solve acute problems. He is always involved in his tasks and works with a lot of dedication and self-initiation.
To be emphasised especially is his good judgemental abilities and very good work results, also during high work-pressure periods.
Mr Riedel's way of working is constantly embossed with trustworthiness and preciseness. He always worked discreet, diligent and rational, where he always fulfilled assigned tasks to our fullest satisfaction.
His personal behaviour was always ideal. He was very much appreciated and valued among the Senior Management, colleagues and business partners."
Thomas Kohnen, COM BTS PFS TS – Infineon plc in Munich, Germany


"... Thereby his Professional Qualifications and keen perception abilities are very useful.
Mr. Riedel adjusts himself very fast in his respective work area and completes each time the assigned tasks to our fullest satisfaction.
His behaviour towards superiors and colleagues is always perfect.
Also our customer is always pleased with Mr. Riedel in the Performance Review. He displays a very good expertise, operational readiness and reliability. He is overall an admirable/favourite work colleague due to his friendliness."
Andrea Bauer, Marketing Controller IT-Services – Randstad Ltd. in Munich, Germany


Web- & Graphic designer, Munich/Germany Jan.2002 - Jan.2005

Self-employed IT business providing Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) support, offering administration, training and database programming services. And as a Web developer I used different HTML editors like Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and text based ones. As a Graphic designer I worked with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw Creative Suite, The Gimp, etc. for the Graphic designs.

The following testimonial was awarded:
"... We became acquainted with Mr. Riedel as a very competent, loyal and cooperative collaborator and wish him for his professional career further all the best." Ulrich Isermayer, spanisional Director FM – Graphisoft Ltd. in Munich, Germany


HAITEC plc, Munich/Germany Nov.1999 - Dec.2001

Being a Lotus Notes/Domino Consultant for HAITEC plc I gained R5 CLP Certification and supported internal and external Lotus Notes R4 and R5 administration, development and Notes implementation. An essential part of my Consulting job was solution-oriented implementation of Customer requirements, Information coordination and documentation, collegial, friendly and cultivated behaviour, teamwork and independent knowledge building.

HAITEC plc was at that time the biggest IT System Support Provider in Germany and partner of IBM.

The following testimonials were awarded:
"... Mr. Riedel possesses a quick ability of apprehension as well as a comprehensive and outstanding expertise in the areas specified above. Because of his competence, sense of responsibility and professional mode of working Mr. Riedel was highly appreciated among his superiors, colleagues as well as customers and partners. Mr. Riedel implemented assigned tasks very diligently and carefully. He was flexible, reliable and showed a high level of commitment. His initiative and exemplary dedication are to be emphasized." Dietmar Knöß, Human Resources Director – Haitec plc in Munich, Germany


"... The Partner-Support of the GEDYS AG would like to thank you today for your strong commitment and confidence with a small present. We look forward to a further positive co-operation." GEDYS Customer Care Team in Munich, Germany


Software SIDOUN Ltd., Munich/Germany Jan.1996 - June 1998

I worked for Software SIDOUN Ltd. in Customer Support for WinAVA® Announcement Software for Engineers and Architects based on Sidoun-, Quadbase- and Oracle databases, on Windows NT / 2000 and Novell Servers and Windows 3.11 / 95 / 98 / 2000 Clients. My job profile included installations, Hotline, Customer training, Software- and database tests, customization, Software and Service sales, internal Hardware and Software support.

Also the improvement of executive qualities, such as a Competence Centre Leader for Software SIDOUN Services in South Germany and Austria, with about 16 Serviceman, in 8 Branches, from February 1997 until January 1998. Job topics were administration of personnel planning and -leading, internal trainings, large size customer support, verifying programming needs, appointment- and payment arrears and law suits.

In this work, I contributed to increase of customer satisfaction up to 91% and also the business expansions of the company direct and indirect to 4 million DM p. a.

Software SIDOUN Ltd. was at that time the biggest Announcement Software provider in Germany.

The following testimonial was awarded:
"... Mr. Riedel always completed the tasks assigned to him to our fullest satisfaction. Particularly to emphasize is his fast apprehension, his ability to work under pressure, his reliability and independence, especially with respect to Customer Inquiries.
Mr. Riedel proved a very good knowledge in Presentation Skills. Though his technical and communicative expertise he always found the correct mode in handling with prospective customers and existing customers and was very appreciated by them."
R. Wörn, Human resources director – SIDOUN Ltd. in Munich, Germany